Dual Credit Courses On Demand for Homeschool Students

As the Outreach Director of the Homeschool Market for TEL Education, I am trying to get the word out about a new option for earning dual credit. TEL has a catalog of online college credit courses that are available for students whenever they are ready to start earning college credit. Any student, 13 years of age and older, may purchase a course, start the course at any time and complete the course in their time frame. All of the courses are transcribed through our regionally accredited university partners making the credits for these courses highly transferable to other colleges and universities. Here is a list of the available courses with the number of college credits your student will earn upon passing the course.

Available College Credit Courses –
United States History l (3 credits)
United States History ll (3 credits)
American Government (3 credits)
Language and Composition (3 credits)
Literature and Composition (3 credits)
Introduction to Communications (3 credits)
Introduction to Biology (3 credits)
Introduction to Biology Lab (1 credit)
Chemistry l (3 credits)
Physical Sciences (3 credits)
Physical Sciences Lab (1 credit)
Principles of Psychology (3 credits)
Quantitative Analysis (3 credits)
College Algebra (3 credits)
Introduction to Information Technology (3 credits)
Latin l (5 credits)

Available Spring 2021 (January)
World Civilizations (3 credits)
Microeconomics (3 credits)
Chemistry Lab (1 credit)
Introduction to Christianity (3 credits)

As you can see, with the courses currently available, your student could earn a large number of college credits while still in highschool! There are no fees to pay, no programs to enroll in, no school schedules to work around.

The best part is the cost! These courses are very affordable at $200 per course. Students could earn up to an associates degree of credits (60 hours) by the time they graduate high school. That is $4000 for the cost of two years of college.

I’ve attached a link to TEL’s website so you can take a look at our courses. TEL is a non-profit with a desire to provide an affordable, quality college education for anyone, at any time, and anywhere. Please let me know if you have any questions. I would love to talk with you about this great option for dual credit!


Thank you for your time,


Kathy Burt | Outreach Director Homeschool Market
kathy.burt@tellibrary.org | (866) 714-9907 EXT. 711

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