A Bit of our story

Hi! My name is Rachele and I started this website as a place to share the resources I have found through my years as a homeschooling parent. My goals are to be able to share these resources not only with my local homeschool group, but other parents as well that may be considering homeschooling their children, or are seasoned veterans looking for additional resources. I have many plans for the future of this site and look forward to growing it, even as my youngest moves on and finishes her schooling, I hope to continue to bring you these resources, and more, for many years to come.

I have been blessed with four children. We have homeschooled in Texas and currently in New Mexico. Having options and being able to do what is best for each individual child has always been important to me. My older three were homeschooled for a few years in elementary and middle school, and they each went back to public high school to graduate. The older two went on to complete college Bachelor degrees and then stepped into successful careers. My third went straight into the work force. 

My youngest was traumatized by severe bullying while in public school (never imagined how bad 1st grade could have been), so we pulled her out and did “Deschooling” (a period of unstructured learning) and “Unschooling” her first few years. Even though she has gone back to public school on a couple of occasions, each time she chose to return to homeschooling,where she is currently working through high school and dual credit college classes.

We have gone through several different types of curriculum over the last nine years, but wound up using an eclectic mix of many; including Deschooling, Hackschooling, Unschooling, Sudbury, Robertson, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, and many more.

During our time of homeschooling we have enjoyed studying many different subjects, including religious studies, which is why I have such a mix of resources to share. Although we focus the most on secular resources, we have enjoyed getting in-depth with the many other options that exist and found what works best for us as individuals and as a family, and hope that you will do the same.

I look forward to sharing in your homeschooling journey.