Record Keeping & Planning

Now that you have decided that home schooling is right for you and your family, you may wonder what to do next! How do you keep track of everything?

This is not by far everything that is out, but it is a good place to start, and as I come across more I will share to this page.

Organization, Planning & Tracking:

AppSchooling Central — Favorite Apps for Homeschooling (Free-$)

Dropbox (Free-$$)
Cloud storage to manage documents that can accessed from different devices and a great way to collaborate your homeschool. Get up to 2 GB of storage, and start accessing and sharing photos, documents, and other files from any device.

Evernote (Free-$)
This is another one of my favorite programs that I use almost daily! Create your free account and choose the plan that fits your needs. Add Content, Type notes, add attachments, clip web pages, or record memos. All in one place. Find Everything, Organize your notes, your way. Use notebooks, tags, or our powerful search to find everything you need quickly. Get Things Done, Manage projects, take meeting notes, set reminders, and edit documents.

File Folder Planning (Free)
Great article on how to plan out an entire year of lessons using file folders.

High School Guides, Record keeping & Forms (Free)
Free templates and downloads for many of the planning tools and resources that you most need for High Schoolers.

Homeschool Skedtrack (Free)
This one is my favorite and has more functionality than many of the paid programs you will find. They do take donations if you are so inclined. This program is great for tracking lessons, planning, etc., and works great for all ages, grades and unlimited children. It can generate report cards, track time, attendance, credits for high school, and generate detailed High School Transcripts. It is very customizable, yet easy to use. You can set up the years lessons, holidays, school year, and student accounts for each child. Each child has their own log in and can pull up their daily lessons and check off when they are done. You can log in to your teacher account and approve what they did, grade work, or make any adjustments that need to be made. You can also copy lessons from one account, or year, to another quickly and easily, saving hours of time entering lesson plans, especially for multiple children, or younger children as they progress through the years. You can also download lesson plans, completed work, etc., if you like to keep offline copies of your child/ren’s work.

Homeschool Transcripts and Report Card Templates (Free)
This website has some great homeschool transcripts and report card templates you can download.
<<<Click Here>>>

myHomework (Free – $)
The leading cross-platform student planner. myHomework syncs across devices so you can easily access your classes and assignments anytime and anywhere. helps students at any level improve their organization and become better students. With myHomework for schools, schools can offer premium myHomework to all their students while utilizing tools and reporting to make sure students are staying organized.

Notebook Planners (Free)
If you prefer something offline, here are some free planners that are really great and also have some homeschool planning page options.
The Handmade Home – Free Homeschool & Calendar Printables
Miss Tiina Free Printables

Pocket (Free-$)
Founded in 2007 by Nate Weiner to help people save interesting articles, videos and more from the web for later enjoyment. Once saved to Pocket, the list of content is visible on any device — phone, tablet or computer. It can be viewed while waiting in line, on the couch, during commutes or travel — even offline. The world’s leading save-for-later service currently has more than 30 million registered users and is integrated into more than 1500 apps including Flipboard, Twitter and Zite. It is available for major devices and platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, Kobo, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Windows.