Home Schooling 101

So you’ve decided to begin home schooling, or are considering it, but where do you start?

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My first suggestion is to visit the Homeschool Legal Defense Fund and find out what is required specifically for your state to home school. When you decide that you want to begin homeschooling consider getting their membership, as it is worth every penny. We have been members since day one, and membership is valid no matter what state you are in, or move too.   http://www.hslda.org/


Some helpful resources:


A Guide for Homeschooling Through High School

You CAN Homeschool your child!

You CAN Homeschool your preschooler!

You CAN Homeschool your high schooler!

You CAN Homeschool your struggling learner!

Other states have similar memberships, but are specific to the state you are in and would not be transferable if you move out of state. But, can be a valuable resource while you are there. Please check our Local Resources per state for local state specific groups.

Class Dismissed

If you have not seen the movie Class Dismissed, then I highly recommend watching it.


There are several different methods of homeschooling. Some parents are comfortable with following a curriculum, some, like us, follow an ecletic mix of different homeschool methods. You know your child better than anyone else, that is the joy of home schooling is that you know have the option to create what works for your child and their learning style. This is not by all means an exhaustive list, but merely a starting point to give you some ideas. 


A good article on Unschooling…


An article on what Eclectic/Classical Homeschooling is…


What Kind of Homeschooler Are You?



Determining your child’s Learning Style





Determining if your child has a learning difference