This is where many people, especially new home schooling parents, feel lost. There is a plethora of curriculum choices available today. Which can be over-whelming, but is also very beneficial so that you can choose what is best for you and your family.

These resources are in no ways an all-inclusive list, but just a starting point and resources we have used, or found helpful over the years.

Please click on the Headings below for more information about that topic.

Full Curriculum: 

Secular Based

Spiritual/Faith Based/Religious

(please note that some of these resources can be modified for a more secular based approach, or used for lesson plans and further study or research on these specific topics).

Pagan & Other Spiritual Paths




High School, Dual Credit, College & University Resources


Resources by Subject:

(can be secular or faith based, I’ve tried to mark any that are faith based)


Saxon Math


English, Literature, Reading & Writing

History, Government, Law



Special Needs Curriculum

Once I find more resources I will create its own page.

Thinking Tree Books ($-$$)
An offline curriculum. Is great if looking for books and workbooks that are all offline. Has special curriculum available for Dyslexic and ADHD students. They have full Curriculum bundles available that contain a full school year of Fun-Schooling for homeschooling (non-religious). Complete grade level curriculum is available for Pre-K through 8th grade, as well as by theme or academic subject. High School curriculum is available by core subject.


Additional Resources