Some of these are free, some you just buy the books and supplies, others are fully paid for curriculum. More will be added as I find more resources.

All-in-One: Easy Peasy Homeschool Resource (Free)
We used Easy Peasy when we first started. It is completely FREE and a great way to transition into homeschooling if you are just really not sure what to do next. Daily lessons are completely laid out for you. Though they do offer Bible classes, and some subjects have scriptures, it can be easily adapted to fit a secular perspective.
Preschool – 8th grade:
High School:


Blossom And Root ($-$$)

Creative, flexible, hands-on curriculum for secular homeschooling families with a focus on nature, literature, STEM, and art


Bridgeway Academy (Tuition Based $$)
Fully accredited and covers elementary through high school. Offers both secular and Christian options for homeschool families, charter schools, state organizations, co-ops, athletic organizations, arts schools, and others who seek flexible education options for their families.


CK12 (Free)
Free, high quality classes and resources for teachers and students.


Connections Academy (Free) Connections Academy is a tuition-free full-time online public school for grades K–12, with schools located in communities across the country. At every grade level, students take core courses in math, science, language arts/English, social studies, and electives, and work from a state-approved, high-quality curriculum with support from certified teachers.  Not all grade levels available in all states. Please visit their site for more information.


Discovery K-12 (Free-$$)
Discovery K12 offers a traditional, non-Common Core, secular, homeschool curriculum. Reading classic literature, writing essays, creating presentations, and conducting research are important aspects to the program. Its flexibility allows parents to use all or parts of the curriculum with full control over the instruction. There are 180 days of complete, digital curriculum for pre-k to twelfth grade, including STEM and The Arts. 7 Main Courses, Plus Extra Curriculum. There are 7 main courses: Reading/Literature, Language Arts, Math, History/Social Studies, Science, Visual/Performing Arts, and Physical Education. Extra Curriculum includes Spanish 1, Spanish 2
(available Sep 2019), HTML Coding, Healthy Living, Personal Finance, Business 101, and Business Apps. Student Accounts are free and include all of our curriculum. *Parent/Teacher Accounts are an optional upgrade and provide reporting, curriculum, and homeschool management tools (currently $99/yr).


E-learning for kids (Free)
A 501(c)(3)  Our vision is to be the source for childhood learning on the internet, available from anywhere for everyone and without charge. E-learning for kids is a non-profit organization providing free, fun, curriculum based quality primary education to all children world wide. The foundation was launched in the USA in 2004 and in the Netherlands in 2007. With e-learning for kids we offer free, best-in-class curriculum based learning for children ages 5-12 in Math, Science, Environmental skills, Computer skills, Health, Language and Life skills. We currently offer  800+ e-lessons and are continuously developing new ones.  This includes the entire primary education grade KG to 6 in math and science. Our complete Math World curriculum offers 336 e-lessons and our Science World curriculum offers 213 e-lessons.. All e-lessons are currently in English,  we’ve started the translation of Math World into Spanish.

Earthschooling ($-$$)

The Earthschooling Curriculum is an award-winning curriculum (see award logos and links on this page) that takes you through an entire year of lessons for that age group with different themes every month. You are also given access to the lesson blocks associated with that age group so you can plan the year according to blocks instead of the monthly plan – you choose! lessons include recipes, a bread of the month, writing, science, math, appropriate lesson blocks for your child’s age, handwork lessons, nature crafts, nature walk ideas, and more. Your one-time payment allows you access to your chosen curriculum and all updates for life.


ESA Essential Skills Advantage ($)
The Complete online K-6 Learning Program with over 14,000 lessons. Our content is used in over 20,000 schools and in countless homes in America and around the world. ESA supports individualized instruction & accelerated learning. Our learning platform delivers our curriculum through fun and engaging learning activities they’ll actually enjoy. Our curriculum is comprised of 43 individual programs, 998 learning units totaling over 14,000 interactive learning activities to teach them all of the skills they need to excel. Our content has been proven effective for over 15 years. (Free)
Core academic web site that delivers rich multimedia content–videos, animations, and simulations–on general education subjects to middle-school and high-school teachers and college professors, and their students, free of charge. Teachers project HippoCampus content during classroom learning and assign it for computer labs and homework. Students use the site in the evenings for study and exam prep. Users do not need to register or log in to use the site. As an open resource for personalized learning, was designed as part of a worldwide effort to improve access to quality education for everyone. HippoCampus is powered by The NROC Project, a non-profit, member-driven project focused on new models of digital content development, distribution, and use. NROC makes editorial and digital engineering investments in the content to prepare it for distribution by HippoCampus.


Khan Academy (Free)
Math, science, computer programming, history, art, economics, and even more free online classes.


Magic Forest Academy ($-$$)

A place for Imaginations to explore and learn about the natural world through enriching and engaging activities. Our nature based, secular, educational books inspire a deep appreciation of nature in unique ways embracing Literature, Math, Science, Geography, History, Social Studies, Arts, Crafts, Cooking and more. Our nature themed educational books align with natural seasonal changes, ensuring an ever increasing knowledge of nature that our world so greatly needs.


MobyMax (Free – $$)
K-8. Makes a teacher’s life easier. Simple to use and learn, MobyMax immediately starts saving time for teachers. For example, students automatically begin fixing missing skills from the automatic placement test. In other words, teachers see progress reports without even having to assign a lesson. Even better, the built-in motivation tools and rewards keep students eager to learn more without teacher intervention. Find and fix learning gaps with differentiated learning in all K-8 subjects. Pinpoint missing skills and map student progress with quick formative assessments. Engage the entire class with Fluency Games, Whiteboard Activities, and Interactive Lessons. From Early Learning to STEM, MobyMax consistently impresses education experts in rigorous head-to-head analysis, winning over 100 awards in the last 2 years.


Oak Meadow ($$)
Oak Meadow provides flexible, progressive homeschooling curriculum for students in K-12. Our student-centered, nature-based approach allows families to set their own natural rhythm of learning and encourages creativity, critical thinking, and intellectual development through hands-on activities and interdisciplinary projects.


Open Tent Academy (Tuition Based $$)
An inclusive and non-sectarian program, open to students from all backgrounds where homeschoolers (and “after-schoolers”) can take an array of classes, taught by instructors, who are experts in their fields.


Plain and not so plain (Free download)
This homeschool mom has shared the curriculum she created for her children. It covers 1st thru 9th grade plus some Home Economic Electives. The curriculum is free to download and print out. So if you are looking for a completely offline curriculum then this would be a good option. There are some Bible lessons, and is a Christian family, but the basic courses look as though they could be used as a secular option.


Sudbury Model (Tuition Based $$$$)
Here is information on the Sudbury model, we use some aspects of this, especially following the interest based learning for the kids…


The Keystone School (Tuition Based $$)
One of my favorite secular paid options, and also one of the most affordable online options, is the The Keystone School. They offer flexible education programs for high school, middle school and elementary students that help each student achieve their unique dreams and goals. Whether your student wants to study full-time or just needs individual classes, they offer more than 170 courses from credit recovery to world languages and AP. Students can enroll at any time.


Thinking Tree Books ($-$$)
An offline curriculum. Is great if looking for books and workbooks that are all offline. Has special curriculum available for Dyslexic and ADHD students. They have full Curriculum bundles available that contain a full school year of Fun-Schooling for homeschooling (non-religious). Complete grade level curriculum is available for Pre-K through 8th grade, as well as by theme or academic subject. High School curriculum is available by core subject.


Time4Learning (Tuition Based $)
Automated system grades lessons, tracks progress and keeps reports for homeschool portfolio usage. Reports can be accessed at any time through the Parent Administration page and can be pulled by date or subject. Web-based and accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Members get 24/7 access to a whole year’s worth of materials, so you can begin at any time and use the program however you see fit. The curriculum gives students progress at their own pace. The multimedia lessons feel more like games making it perfect for teaching new concepts. Students are safe in our secure, ad free, online learning environment. Families have access to resources such as printable lesson plans, homeschool teaching tools, detailed reporting, activity scheduling and parental support through our online Parent Forum. 


Wildwood Curriculum (Free)

Wildwood is a modern day secular curriculum based on the original works of 19th century educator Charlotte Mason that can be used by all families.