Coaching and Recruiting for Aspiring Track & Cross Country Student-Athletes

My name is Alex Muntefering, and I am a former NCAA Division I Coach for middle- & long-distance runners in the sports of Cross Country and Track & Field. I hope that your summer is going well and that you have been able to remain safe and healthy!

Recently, I founded the PR Project, which provides both online and in-person coaching and recruiting assistance to aspiring collegiate runners. I am based out of San Marcos, Texas, between Austin and San Antonio. I am able to work with student-athletes locally, but I also specialize in working with student-athletes from afar. Regardless of proximity, I am able to deliver a highly personalized experience that sets up my student-athletes to reach their potential.

I am reaching out to you in order to share some information about coaching and recruiting opportunities that I may be able to provide to students and families within your homeschool organization. Since starting the PR Project early this year, I have had the pleasure to coach and assist with the recruitment of multiple home schooled juniors and seniors. 

I have found that homeschooled individuals are often extremely gifted and hard-working people. However, it seems that there are oftentimes limited opportunities for homeschoolers to receive high-level coaching in various sports.

I just wanted to put it on your radar that I would love to have the opportunity to work with any of your students who may be interested in maximizing their potential in track and cross country. I specialize in the coaching and recruitment of student-athletes who compete in events ranging from 800m (half mile) up to the 5k (3.1 miles). 

My philosophy is first centered around instilling a high level of belief within the student-athletes I work with in order that they will dream big. Dreaming big is at the core of all great accomplishments in life, and it fuels the fire that we all need to work hard to achieve our potential. Yet, work ethic and belief are not the only ingredients for success, as we have to be smart in our approach to the things we are doing.

As a former high school All-American and NCAA Division I Championships qualifier, I had the privilege of learning from some of the nation’s top coaches, whose training and coaching philosophies are second to none. I utilized this unique experience starting off my coaching career to spark one of the fastest cross country program rises in all of the NCAA at Texas State University. This quick upward trajectory came as a result of my athletes being able to out-develop their more “talented” competition.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in speaking with me about my highly personalized coaching and/or collegiate athletic recruitment assistance, please feel free to pass this email along. I’d love to have the opportunity to chat with anyone who is interested or who would just like to get some more information. 

I am confident that I can help anyone achieve their potential who is excited to put in the work and dream big. Furthermore, I can be of great use to families in regards to making smart and financially positive decisions for attending colleges on athletic scholarships. During my time in the NCAA, I excelled as a recruiter, and therefore, I am very familiar with the ins and outs of recruiting student-athletes to compete in track & field and cross country.

Lastly, I put together a short video in which I share the vision and mission for the PR Project. Watching this can also help give more of a glimpse of who I am and what I can offer as a coach.

Thanks for your time in reading this. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. I hope to hear from you soon!


​Alex Muntefering, “Coach M”

Founder, PR Project


(C): (605) 682-1175

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